Sridhar Rana Rinpoche Education Fund (SRREF)

Bursary/scholarship to pursue higher education in Buddhist studies

The purpose of the SRREF is to offer financial support to individuals who want to pursue higher education in Buddhism, especially Mahayana and Sanskrit studies, or related fields/subjects such as humanities or science [e.g., languages, therapeutic studies, meditation effects on physiology and psychology, art, music, dance related to Buddhist paradigm].

The bursary/scholarship programme targets interested individuals from around the world who wish to pursue higher education in the above noted areas in accredited institutions/ universities in Asia (excluding China, Japan, Korea, Malaysia and Singapore), In particular, scholarships will be awarded to individuals on the basis of demonstrated need; however, those with sufficient educational background, with a view to offer higher education to persons who would otherwise be deprived from such opportunities. The bursary/scholarship will cover tuition fees and/or living expenses.

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