Byoma Kusuma Buddhadharma Sangha Inc., United States (BKBDS-US)

Byoma Kusuma USA was founded in August 2007 with the objective of introducing the Dharma to interested individuals while also providing a meeting place for older sangha members. Currently the US Sangha comprises members spread across several cities in the United States, with the largest concentration in the Washington DC metropolitian area, where the centre is headquartered.


Weekly Meetup

The Sangha in DC runs a weekly meetup every Sunday that is open to all. The meetup includes a meditation session as well as a discussion on the Dharma and it plays host to a number of regular non-Sangha attendees.

Ganachakra Puja (Feast Offering)

A Guru Rinpoche Ganachakra Puja is held every month, with attendance open to all Sangha members who have taken refuge in the three jewels.

Other Activities

  • Refuge Ceremonies
  • Day and residential retreats
  • Formal classes on Buddhist philosophy are available for Sangha members who wish to learn in a structured environment.
Please contact us to know more about our events.