1. Financial support is offered to Byoma Kusuma Sangha members and any interested student residing anywhere in the world. It is awarded to individual students, Buddhist practitioners, teachers, and translators that are genuinely committed towards the wellbeing of society/humanity with good moral and educational background and who wish to pursue higher studies in the Asian region. Individuals wishing to pursue Mahayana Buddhist studies, textual study with a strong Buddhist language background, or wish to study Buddhist language are encouraged to apply.
  2. Individual students with background in Mahayana Studies and Sanskrit who wish to advance in the same field will be prioritised.
  3. Students have to complete an application form and submit to the selection Committee with all the necessary supporting documents, fulfilling the guidelines of SRREF.
  4. Individuals who meet the selection criteria would have: - Completed education to at least the bachelor’s level. provide evidence of admission in the above noted areas to an accredited institution in a country in Asia (excluding China, Japan, Korea, Malaysia and Singapore).
    • Possess high academic qualifications.
    • Candidate must be self- motivated and determined to complete their education.
    • Provide evidence of financial need.
    • A written statement of intent in English (not exceeding 700 words) to support their application, as well as highlight other information related to their personality/motivation/dedication in order to fulfil the SRREF guidelines.
    • Individuals who have considerable voluntary experience, involvement in the charity sector, or service in Buddhist centres.
    • Application must be supported with written evidence and two letters of recommendation [preferably (not mandatory) one from your lineage master(s)].
    • The type of institution where you are applying and the mentor/advisor within that institution will be considered during the review process.
    • Scholarship allocation will observe a balanced approach. Female students are encouraged to apply.

The Committee will award a special need-based grant to individuals who wish to pursue training in secular fields, such as vocational training /apprenticeship in traditional Pauvva/Thanka art, Charya Nritya and Charya Giti, and other artistic fields through private tuitions with authorised and qualified Pauvva artists, Charya Nritya Masters or institutions that offer specialist knowledge and training subject to the satisfaction of the committee.

Application Forms

To apply, complete the scholarship application Form. Application should be submitted no later than Feb 15th of the calendar year.

To extend your funding, complete the continued scholarship application form. Application to extend scholarship should be submitted no later than 1st March of the calendar year.

Pro Forma of Costs