Jetsunma Neeru Rana

Jetsunma Neeru Rana is the wife and consort of the Vidyadhara and a Vajrayana master in her own right. She was conferred the title ‘Jetsunma’ in May 2008 by His Eminence the Fourth Karma Thinley Rinpoche of the Sakya and Karma Kagyu lineage.

Jetsunma has been the mainstay of the Byoma Kusuma Buddhadharma Sangha ever since her marriage to the Vidyadhara in 1994, and it is to her unstinting perseverance and skillful guidance that the Sangha owes its growth and strength. It was she who shouldered the responsibility of supporting the Vidyadhara in the early stages of his twenty year retreat, when the Sangha had yet to be formed formally and there were little financial resources available, and to this day she does all she can to ensure that no external cause disturbs the retreat.

Even now, when the Byoma Kusuma Management Committee looks after the everyday affairs of the Sangha, Jetsunma is tireless in providing her guidance and support and is an ever-present figure during Sangha activities. She regularly represents the Vidyadhara and the Sangha at various functions and also ensures that highly venerated teachers and Rinpoches visit the monastery regularly to impart teachings to the Sangha.