Byoma Kusuma Buddhadharma Sangha, Nepal (BKBDS-NP)

Our monastery in Kathmandu is situated in Bishalnagar and serves as both the residence of the Vidyadhara and the Sangha’s headquarters.

One of the chief attractions at the monastery is the shrine hall, which is beautifully decorated with traditional Pauva murals depicting the life of the Buddha and the Vajrayana masters of the Kathmandu valley, along with the pantheon of Vajrayana deities and mandalas.

Other Centres and Groups

We have centres in Hetauda and Mahendranagar. There are informal groups in Banepa, Chaughare and Pattlaiya.


You can arrange to meet our Dharma Teachers to discuss your interest. Please contact our office if you wish to make an appointment. Please read Saddharma Ratna Mahamarga Krama.

Dharma Discourse for Beginners

Teacher: DD Narayan Rijal

The weekly discourses on the Buddhadharma for beginners are taught by DD Narayan Rijal and serve to introduce the Dharma to those unfamiliar with it. The discourses are open to the general public. Please contact our offices for more information.


Teacher: DD Narayan Rijal
This is a monthly discourse on the teachings of the Vidyadhara, all of which were penned during the first few years of his retreat. These focus on the core principles of the Buddhadharma and are open to the general public. Please contact our offices for more information.

Ganachakra Pujas (Feast Offerings)

Facilitated by Jetsunma Neeru Rana and DD Narayan Rijal.
Ganachakra Pujas are feast offerings made by those who have received Tantric samayas. Pujas in Bishalnagar are held bi-monthly and permission must be taken before attending them. Generally, members of the Sangha who have taken refuge in the Three Jewels are permitted to attend the Guru Rinpoche Ganachakra Puja, while only those that have received the empowerment of the relevant Didam Deity are permitted to attend the others.

Other Activities

  • Basic meditation and group healing workshops
  • Guidance on meditation practices of the Maha Krama **
  • Empowerments and initiations **
  • Regular pujas and chanting **
** Only for those that have taken refuge in the Three Jewels. For a list of our upcoming events, please visit the Events section.