SD Rajesh Khadka (Karuna Vajra)

SD Rajesh Khadka (Karuna Vajra) has been studying and practicing Buddhism under the guidance of the Vidyadhara and is the co-founder of Byoma Kusuma centre in the United Kingdom. He teaches and guides students in their meditation practice in the UK and around the world. He was bestowed with the title ‘Sahayak Dharmacharya’ (Assistant Master of the Dharma) by the Vidyadhara in February 2016.

A Chartered Accountant with a difference, he spends his free time teaching Buddhist philosophy, guiding individuals in their meditation practice, and investing time to deepen his own personal study and meditation practice.

He loves interacting with people of different cultures and geographical locations and is passionate about teaching individuals interested to learn about Buddhadharma, or who wish to deepen their individual practices. He has a keen interest in Psychology and is a qualified EFT, Psych-K practitioner, Reiki Master, NLP Master Practitioner and Leadership Coach.