Charya Nritya (Dance) is a ritual dance associated with Vajrayana Buddhism. The dance tradition in Kathmandu dates back to the 7th and 8th century Mahasiddha lineage. However, all records in India have been lost and the lineage has been preserved primarily by Newari Vajracharya priests, who have handed down this dance form as a hidden tradition from one generation to another.

The dance is accompanied by devotional songs (Charya Giti) and various musical instruments such as ta (cymbals) and damaru (drum) and is performed in a deep meditative state, with the dancer embodying the Deity. It combines physical movement, visualization, mantra recitation, mudras, gestures, yogic postures, and adornments of the crown and ornaments of the Deity.

Sahayak Samathacharya (SS) Anupama Dahal is a qualified Charya Nritya instructor and a trained musician. She graduated from Padma Kanya College and is currently pursing a Masters Degree in Charya Nritya. She has trained with Ratna Kaji Vajracharya, Ratna Gurujyu, Professor Mrigendra Man Shrestha, Krishna Shrestha, Professor Suresh Mishra, Mina Mishra, Beti Vajracharya and Shobhagya Laxmi. She is also studying music with Guru Dev Kamat. Anupama teaches regularly at the Sangha as well as privately to students from around the world.